Boost your mobility

Waybel is a robust and user friendly logistics software for anyone in your supply chain. Plan, track, handle, trace and communicate – and go mobile.

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Improved transparency

Create a smooth customer experience and save valuable time. Features like automated updates, deviation alerts and a real-time overview of your logistics flow are designed to make your job easier.

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    Distribution & last mile

    Navigate, scan and notify. Let people know your E.T.A. with geofencing, and deliver or pick up with NFC compatibility, sign-on-glass and easy deviation management.

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    Optimise your workforce with ease. Get a real-time overview with resource allocation and use intelligent sequencing to plan your drivers’ routes.

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    Keep everyone in the loop. Use role-based communication within your organisation while letting senders and recipients track their goods in real time.

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    Terminal management

    Control a rapid flow. Track, trace and keep your inventory hierarchy intact while loading, unloading and cross-docking.

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    Monitoring & follow-up

    Never stop learning. Use data from statistics and trends to gain valuable insights, improve your inventory flow or prevent problems.

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    Warehouse & inventory management

    Keep track of everything in-house. The comprehensive view of your inventory makes it easy to check, place, move or consolidate goods.

Built for the user

Waybel is the result of decades of working with people all across the supply chain. Different users get different interfaces, but are all equally intuitive, adaptive and designed to support rather than interfere.

Standard features

Hardware integration

Scanners, printers, PDAs, tablets, computers and smartphones – use the devices you need with Waybel’s hardware compatibility and wireless connectivity.

Software as a service

Enjoy your own IT environment in the cloud. Waybel offers continuous updates and hosting of your data with geo redundancy to ensure security and GDPR compliance.

Offline support

The software logs all events and transactions even with no reception, and uploads them as soon as you’re back online.

Back office

The admin view offers powerful tools for planning, monitoring and reporting in an easy and accessible user interface.

Standard features

Sign on glass

Pick up and deliver with secure technology.


Trigger text messages, emails, or app notifications.


Trigger functions based on geographic location.


GPS integration with map view and option to add additional navigation services.


Locate any shipment and give your customers a web based, live status.


Expand your ecosystem using Waybel’s standard API and federated login support.

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How can Waybel take your business to the next level? Fill out the form and we’ll schedule a demo to show you our software in action