Focusing more on adding valuable features rather than major updates, we work hard to ensure that Waybel runs safely, robustly and is always backwards compatible. Missing a feature? Get in touch with us about additional modules and future updates.

Sending and receiving

Provide your partners and customers with access to some of Waybel’s key features to further enhance your transparency and communication.

Customer preference

Give your customers a great experience with customised delivery conditions.


Trigger text messages, emails, or app notifications.


Locate any shipment and offer your customers a web based, live status.


Keep communication quick, clean and simple with the chat function.


Give your drivers a tool designed to make their workday run smoother. Hundreds of ride-alongs with delivery drivers have taught us how to support them rather than interfere.

Deviation management

Always be ready to handle the unexpected, using either default deviations or photos and comments.


Trigger functions based on geographic location.


GPS integration with map view and option to add additional navigation services.

Offline support

Use Waybel anytime anywhere without losing data even when you are offline.


Tried and tested scanner compatibility with leading brands as well as consumer devices.

Sign on glass

Pick up and deliver with secure technology.


Enjoy the benefits of a cloud based and refined system designed for a multitude of platforms. Waybel works as a standalone solution as well as an integrated part of a larger structure.

Android & iOS

Besides desktop computers, Waybel is built to run on both Android and iOS devices.


Expand your ecosystem using Waybel’s standard API and federated login support.


Your data is always safe with geo redundancy.

Warehouse, terminal and transport

Switch between a broad helicopter view and detailed searches to keep track of both stock and personnel. Waybel gives you control of the where, when and how.

Improved flow

Load vehicles based on routes and pick goods by transport booking.

Tags and codes

Create customised tags or codes for your goods.

Transport handling

Book transports, check live status or get an overall view of your fleet.


Check stock levels, geographical placement and keep track of consolidated goods.

Work tracking

View work session history, trace events and get a better understanding of your workforce.

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